Registered Designs

"The better looking product will outsell the other". This slogan by one of the fathers of modern industrial design, Raymond Loewy, is more up-to-date than ever. The aesthetic design of a product becomes an increasingly important sales factor, if not the prerequisite of success on the market. Striving for a successful design only pays, however, if effective legal protection can be obtained for the design and the protection can be effectively enforced vis-à-vis third parties.

Design patents form the basis of effective protection of your design. We advise and represent you in the various proceedings to obtain design protection before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, before the Office for the Harmonisation of the Internal Market (OHIM) or the WIPO. When enforcing your community designs, German designs or internationally registered designs, we represent you in all phases of infringement litigations. Due to the upgrading of the design protection by the respective legislators in the past few years, also the procedure of interim injunction often is adequate to rapidly enforce your rights and thus to early enough prevent infringing products from being marketed. The copyright of designs is also susceptible to product piracy against which we exploit all possibilities provided by border arrest procedure.

Our out-of-court activities comprise an exact analysis of the respective position of protective rights which includes preparing expert opinions on infringement as well as advising on and drafting license agreements.

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