Our history

50 years experience

The firm's name goes back to its founders, Professor Dr. Albert Preu and Dr. Manfred Bohlig, LLM (Harvard).

At the end of the 1940s, Albert Preu graduated from the University of Erlangen with a degree in law and started working as a lawyer in Nuremberg. In 1959 he moved to Munich and in the same year founded a law firm focusing on intellectual property rights. In 1964 he joined forces with Manfred Bohlig, thus laying the foundation for the partnership Preu Bohlig & Partner.

As the law firm grew with the new partners Matthias Brandi-Dohrn and Lutz Donle - who, as a former judge of a patent court division, introduced his "view from the other side" to the office - at the end of the 1960s, the offices were moved from the city centre to Munich Schwabing, where it is still to be found to date.

Expansion of practice areas

Apart from the field of intellectual property with traditional emphasis on patent law, the areas of commercial law, company law, tax law and labour law have been intensified since the 1970s. In the 1990s the law firm further broadened its scope to tax services and auditing.

New offices

At the same time the firm set up further offices in Germany. Immediately after the "Wende" (German reunification), Preu Bohlig & Partner established the Berlin office and only a few years later the Hamburg and Duesseldorf offices followed.

Anniversary of the law firm

In 2009 Preu Bohlig & Partner celebrated their 50-year anniversary. Anniversary celebrations on the topics "Shaping the future", "Trademark law" and "Patent law" were organised for clients at our various offices.

The founder Prof. Dr. Albert Preu

To date, Prof. Dr. Albert Preu is regarded as one of the outstanding lawyers in the field of intellectual property.

After graduating at the end of the 1940s from the University of Erlangen with a degree in law, Albert Preu developed his passion for patent law and started working as a lawyer. As Munich was the centre of patent law, Albert Preu moved there and set up a law firm focusing on intellectual property rights in 1959.

He kept the ties with the University of Erlangen as assistant lecturer for intellectual property and later as honorary professor. He started the "Preu-Course" in which since then we have trained future patent attorneys for their final exams.

Albert Preu represented clients in numerous proceedings before all instance courts, the Federal Patent Court as well as the Federal Supreme Court and considerably influenced the established case law relating to intellectual property.

His comprehensive knowledge, his rich experience, his creative vision and above all his human attitude made Albert Preu example and fatherly friend alike to his partners and employees. Albert Preu succeeded in combining theoretical and applied science, for which he is still regarded a great lawyer today, also thanks to the perfect combination of theoretical reasoning, practical experience and extraordinary didactic skills.