Exam preparation course for the Preu Course

Experienced practitioners of Preu Bohlig & Partner prepare you in cooperation with former judge Johann zur Rocklage in our exam course in five trial exams for the German patent attorney examination. The exams are prepared by our lecturers; they are not exams already taken at the DPMA. The exams were adapted to the new examination regulations in force since 01.06.2018 (4 hours or 3 hours).

Preparation for exams under actual exam conditions:

The solutions developed by you (which you please send back to us by mail or post) will be corrected afterwards. The detailed exam discussions give you immediate feedback on your exam processing.

Remote participation:

If you are unable to attend our exam preparation course in person, there is a remote participation option, whereby we will send you the papers and the corresponding outline answers.


For further information, please contact:

Mrs Marion Dimitrijevic
Leopoldstrasse 11a
80802 Munich
Tel.: (089) 38 38 70 – 148
Fax.: (089) 38 38 70 – 22
eMail: mdi@preubohlig.de

Overview - exam preparation schedule:

We look forward to seeing you!