For more than 30 years Preu Bohlig & Partner has offered the Preu-Course to train future patent attorneys for their final exams. Twice a week, our experienced and well-versed lawyers teach them on all relevant topics. The "Preu-Course" offers:

Properly selected topics as relevant to the examination:

Thanks to our long-standing experience we know which contents have to be focussed on and which topics require special attention.

Well-structured, learning-oriented and practical knowledge transfer by way of case studies:

The course is run by lawyers who illustrate abstract topics by the practical application of law and various case studies.

Efficient training for the examination:

Our additional written exams courses are intended to offer special preparation by writing and discussing tests.

Relaxed learning and exchange on legal questions:

Our lecturers wish the participants to ask questions. Active discussion of legal problems and aspects is explicitly desired.


For further information please contact:

Frau Marion Dimitrijevic
Leopoldstraße 11a
80802 Munic
Fon: (089) 38 38 70 – 148
Fax.: (089) 38 38 70 – 22

Overview of the topics of the Preu course:

  • Verfahrensrecht des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes - Verletzungsverfahren
  • Patentrecht - Gebrauchsmusterrecht - Arbeitnehmererfinderrecht
  • Wettbewerbsrecht - Kennzeichenrecht - Designrecht - Lizenzrecht

The three topic blocks each last about 2 months and build on each other not. They can therefore be used in any order.